NDSCS Intramural Leagues
  • Flag Football
  • Women’s Volleyball
  • Co-ed Volleyball
  • 3 on 3 Basketball
  • 5 on 5 Basketball
  • Co-ed Softball
  • Men’s Softball
  • Co-ed Dodgeball

The intramural athletic program is open to all enrolled students, except those participants in a specific "in season" varsity sport. Contact Ryan Steffens, Intramural Director at 701-671-2451 for more information.

  1. The intramural program is open to all currently enrolled NDSCS students except those in specific, in season, varsity sports.
  2. Each team must make a $5 deposit when joining a team.
General Information
  1. All activities are under the supervision of the NDSCS Athletic Department.
  2. Intramural schedules will not be changed because of students who participate in other events. If a complete team will be gone on a field trip, the Intramural Director must be notified one week prior to the absence.
Forfeit Rules
  1. Not showing up for a game within 10 minutes of starting time.
  2. Loss of equipment.
  3. Unruly activity on the playing field.
  4. Using non-rostered and/or non-NDSCS students.
Intramural Officials

Individuals who wish to officiate a certain sport should sign up with the Intramural Director during the organizational meeting for the activity. The administration of the intramural officials will be handled by the Intramural Director.

Pre-Activity Meetings

The rules of the league will be distributed at scheduled meetings. League structure and problems will also be discussed. These meetings will be short, but attendance is mandatory for team captains and designated representatives. Meetings will take place at the Blikre Activities Center in room 172 at announced times.

  • Other leauges may be offered when student's interests warrant.
  • Organizations may check out recreational equipment for parties and picnics by seeing the Equipment Manager.
  • Anyone who is injured must report to the Intramural Director.
  • NDSCS does not assume responsibility for any injuries.
  • All activities are open to both men and women.
  • Dates are subject to change depending upon court availability.
  • Teams must have one representative at the captains meeting.
  • Rosters are due one week after the registration meeting.
  • Roster sheets are available in the Blikre Activities Center on the billboard next to the weight room.
  • Referees and score keepers are needed (do not need to qualify for workstudy).
  • Two intramural assistants are needed and must qualify for workstudy.

Contact Ryan Steffens, Intramural Director at 701-671-2451 for more information.